Every community deserves a champion for tap dance, but few can harness the true power of the Florida Tap Dance Project and the Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida

The Dunedin Tap Dance Festival

The 2nd Annual Dunedin Tap Dance Festival, sponsored by Kayla Cowart, the Tap Girl of Florida and hosted by Patricia Ann Dance Studios will take place the weekend of September 13th - 15th, 2019. The free to the public event will include a Friday evening networking reception at the Dunedin House of Beer, Saturday tap dance workshops at no cost, and Saturday evening performances in Pioneer Park that are open and free to the public.

Kayla Cowart prides herself on the inclusive nature of the community tap dance festival. This is not an elitist event, but one for all ages and abilities to enjoy being immersed in the world of tap dance. A community of rhythm and inspiration; at the Dunedin Tap Dance Festival you will make friends and come away with a new understanding of tap and its power to bring people together. You don't want to miss this event with its undeniable mastery of musicality and pulsating rhythm.


Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida

"The Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida have one powerful purpose.

 It is centered around one cause - Florida's Tap Dance Industry".

Kayla Cowart - Tap Girl of Florida

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The Performers & Dance Companies

You can support our local talents' efforts to enhance the culture of our community and bring the mythos and magic of tap dance to the Tampa Bay Area. These local tap dance ensembles preserve and promote the rich tradition of this art form that has influenced and inspired so many to reach for the stars.
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The Dolphin With Tap Tails

Kayla Cowart wants to create quite a buzz in the Tampa Bay Area with her Dolphin "Rhythm" - the newest edition to Pinellas County, St. Petersburg - Clearwater Dolphin Trail and the official mascot of the Florida Tap Dance Project.
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The Florida Tap Dance Project

Did you know that Pinellas County is a TAP HUB? A tap dance hotbed that encompasses one third of the State of Florida's rhythm.

Reaching for the future of Saint Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida's tap dance community, Kayla Cowart, the Tap Girl of Florida, engineered the Florida Tap Dance Project to help promote a vibrant and sustainable tap dance industry in the State of Florida. The initiative is designed to help elevate tap dance by enhancing the rules of engagement to embrace Florida's emerging community of tap dancers. This forward-thinking and insightful Project is retrofitting Florida's rhythm to create a tap dance renaissance that merges the history of the tap dance era to collide with young dancers and modern pop culture. Florida's tap dancers are at the center of every initiative of the Florida Tap Dance Project. Under the Project Florida's tap dance champions connect, communicate, and collaborate to expand Florida's tap dance network and build its capability and capacity  on the national l tap dance circuit.

The Tap Dance Ambassadors

The Florida Tap Dance Ambassadors are an organizing body for tap dance champions who aim to educate, inspire and celebrate the art of tap dance through workshops, festivals, educational forums, panel discussions and performances. The Florida Tap Dance Ambassadors believes in fostering initiatives to create a sustainable and vibrant tap dance industry in the State of Florida. They are striving to develop a global community and a mutual understanding for a brighter future in Florida's tap dance industry.

The group includes a statewide community of participants and Ambassadors that consist of some of today's hippest, hottest and most accomplished professionals in the industry from across the State. These Champions of Florida's tap dance community include - Kayla Cowart, Tap Girl of Florida and Off Broadway entertainer; Morgan Storrison, Artistic Director of Tapped In, Inc.; Ruth Mendoza, Artistic Director of Truth Tap Company; Ashlyn Bolton, Artistic Director of The Rhythm and Sole Tap Ensemble; Jenne Vermes, Artistic Director of Noise Complaint and Rhythm Theory; Cathy D'Amico Scavelli, Artistic Director of Tap Sensation; Aubrey Cheek, Safety Harbor-turned-New York dancer; and Raymond Bennett local dancer-turned-Broadway Actor.

The Florida Tap Dance Ambassadors are creating a hub for creativity, innovation and progression in Florida's performing arts community! They have created a safe haven for Florida's tap dancers to develop their rhythm that embraces Florida's entire tap dance community. From beginner to the experienced tap dance enthusiasts, they are invested in sharing their passion, knowledge, skills and expertise to encourage dancers to hone their skills, develop confidence, and explore their own artistry. 

Florida's rhythm is here!