House of Beers


The Florida Tap Dance Project will be flowing in the Dunedin "Bermuda" Triangle at the House of Beer on Friday, September 13, 2019 as the Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida kick off the 2nd Annual Dunedin Tap Dance Festival. Their enchanting tap shoes will join the House of Beers delicious 40 brews on tap for a fun and family friendly event that will set the tempo for a weekend filled with pulsating rhythm.

The Event has something for all tap dance families and tap dance supporters. A Taproom that includes some of the best local craft beer in town and pool tables for Tap Dads. Activities for Tap Kids that includes Darts, Pin Ball Machines and gigantic Connect 4 Games. Last but not least, the House of Beers offers proudly poured wine for Tap Moms that just want to kick back on the patio to watch the tap dance performances.

The Tap Dance Ambassadors of Florida are shifting the beat in Tampa Bay. Tap On Tap is just one example of how the Florida Tap Dance Project is elevating the art and culture in our community, as it weaves tap dancing into the fabric of Florida's entertainment industry. You don't want to miss this laid-back event that includes some of the best local tap dance talent and tap beer in town. It's Tap Time!